À la carte

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The Waffle

Liege Waffle (Gaufre de liège) : This waffle is made from a dough containing pearl sugar, an ingredient that is only crafted on one place on earth – Belgium ! Originally from the city of Liège and traditionally served “naked”, this waffle is also excellent when you enjoy it with some sweet or savory additions. The Liège is thicker, heavier and chewier in comparison to the one you may know, but once you have a bite, it may become the only one that really matters!

And for the chocolate lovers, we strongly recommend it filled with chocolate batons, the one and only choco waffle!


– – – Price range from $5 to $10 – – –

waffle menu_sweet

waffle menu_other

Oh la la!


Cold drinks (lemonades, sodas,etc.)

Bottled water

Fresh ground coffee

Bon appétit!

6 thoughts on “À la carte

  1. OMG ! I sure wish we had you here in Greenville, SC … we lived in Brussels and I was addicted to Liege waffles .. so delicious! Come down here please !!


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