It’s all about waffles !

For us, waffle crafting is that crazy science dedicated to the art of making waffles. And since the waffle crafter, the recipes, the sugar, the chocolate and even the waffle irons are from Belgium, that waffle crafting must be Belgian!








Art, politics, architecture, food, comics, sports, etc. There is a lot to say about the little country of Belgium. Food wise, the first things that come to mind are : chocolate, beer, frites (French fries), mussels, and… waffles of course!

There are many different varieties of waffles in Belgium and in the world. Almost every region in Belgium has its own interpretation of how to make a waffle and to be honest, all of them are delicious! The most well-known Belgian waffles are the ones from Liege and the ones from Brussels.

At Belgian Waffle Crafters, our purpose is to bring you those authentic Belgian Waffles. We want to respect the tradition but also give it a twist with some creative variations. We are fully dedicated to giving your taste buds a trip to Belgium.  That’s why you’ll find in our truck delicious waffles made from scratch, with love and authenticity.

A la mode

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