Meet Freddy !


It is one thing deciding to start a food truck business, and it is a different one finding the truck of your dreams. The wish list was huge and the wallet… a little less, leading us in a fierce food truck hunt all over North Carolina! It took a while to actually own it but now the food truck is ours – Freddy, the Belgian Waffle Crafters truck!


The first time we saw Freddy – that old white and blue Chevy food truck – We knew we were meant to be together. He was quietly sitting in the countryside, waiting peacefully for his new challenge. He was the perfect size, needed care, had at least 5 different lives before the waffle adventure, but was definitively hungry for more!


When Freddy arrived, he was ready for an extreme makeover – more “slippers and pajamas” than “dressed to kill”. I don’t know how many hours we spent on the truck, upgrade after upgrade, but it is definitively worth it. Luckily my wife was able to help me when I needed it – she even spent five days with me painting Freddy in his new burgundy suit!


There are also tons of people who helped us in various ways – family, friends, food truckers, professionals – thanks a lot to them for helping us build our business.


Now Freddy is ready to hit the road. It was a long journey, but we enjoyed every step of it. We are very proud of our Food Truck: it is the embodiment of our American dream that came true and we love it!



See you soon on the road!

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