Madame, Mademoiselle, Monsieur, bonjour!

A dog with a coat?

My name is François Kerckhof and I’m the proud owner/creator of Belgian Waffle Crafters!

I’m Belgian (from the French part of the country). I have a master’s in Psychology and I have been living in North Carolina, in the Triangle, since January 2012. I came here with my wife for what was supposed to be only a couple of months. But we immediately fell in love with the area and it became obvious that we didn’t want to go back to Europe yet. We’d rather stay here for what we like to call an undefined period of time!

Since I was a little kid, I’ve always been passionate about food. I love to eat and I love to cook! When I was a very small Belgian, my mom instilled that passion in me and it never stop growing. Later on, one of my cousins, who was a chef in a starred restaurant, taught me the techniques of the professionals. I even participated in a food TV show in Belgium (Un diner presque parfait – Come dine with me). Given all that, it was pretty obvious that I had to go into the food industry.

The idea of making waffles came to my mind very quickly, even before the idea of having a food truck. We are in love with America but still attached and very proud of our Belgian Heritage. I always thought that there was a place in the market for real Belgian waffles because they are delicious!

Since we have been living in America, I’ve always been attracted to the food truck trend. I love everything about it, the energy, the fact that it’s urban but attached to local roots, the specificity, the mobility, the aesthetic, the compactedness – like I said, everything! Given that waffles are an authentic street food in Belgium, the decision was made.

And so, after a lot of research, much (priceless) support from my wife, a training period in New York, a lot of encouragement and help from friends and colleagues, we bought a food truck here, waffle irons from Belgium, and created the one and only Belgian Waffle Crafters!

“It is only a short step between a psychologist and a waffle crafter”

It’s all about waffles !

For us,waffle crafting is that crazy science dedicated to the art of making waffles. And since the waffle crafter, the recipes, the sugar, the chocolate and even the waffle irons are from Belgium, that waffle crafting must be Belgian!


Art, politics, architecture, food, comics, sports, etc. There is a lot to say about the little country of Belgium. Foodwise, the first things that come to mind are : chocolate, beer, frites (French fries), mussels, and… waffles of course!

There are many different varieties of waffles in Belgium and in the world. Almost every region in Belgium has its own interpretation of how to make a waffle and to be honest, all of them are delicious! The most well-known belgian waffles are the ones from Liege and the ones from Brussels.

At Belgian Waffle Crafters, our purpose is to bring you those authentic Belgian Waffles. We want to respect the tradition but also give it a twist with some creative variations. We are fully dedicated to giving your taste buds a trip to Belgium.  That’s why you’ll find in our truck delicious waffles made from scratch, with love and authenticity.